Thursday, 17 of January of 2019

Six Halloween Tips To Keep Children Safe



HalloweenAs the little princesses, ghosts and goblins come out in full force this Thursday, Oct. 31, for Halloween, here are a few suggestions from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons to make sure your little trick-or-treater stays safe — and free from any orthopedic-related injuries.

Six Safety Tips

1.  Caution your child to walk on sidewalks whenever possible, to look for cars before crossing the street and to obey all traffic signals.

2.  Make sure that masks, hats and face paint do not block your child’s vision.

3.  Avoid the risk of tripping and falling by making sure that your child’s shoes fit well and are slip-resistant, and that costumes aren’t so long they drag on the ground.

4.  Carry a cell phone in case of an emergency.

5.  Pumpkin carving is fun, but be cautious. Use a pumpkin carving kit or knives specially made for carving. These are designed so they are less likely to get stuck in the thick pumpkin skin.

6.  If someone does get cut, apply pressure with a clean cloth and elevate the area above the heart. Then, clean the wound and apply a bandage. If the cut is deep or the bleeding doesn’t stop within 10-15 minutes, seek medical evaluation.

Halloween is the holiday with the fourth highest number of ER visits according to a study published in Pediatrics. Not surprisingly, children ages 10-14 had the most number of injuries – typically the age when parents are no longer directly supervising their activities. Finger and hand injuries from pumpkin carving and falls from long costumes or costumes that obstruct vision are the most common reason for a trip to the emergency department or a follow-up call with a doctor.

Accidents happen, but following common sense rules and paying attention may help avoid serious injury.  If you have a concern about an orthopedic-related injury this Halloween, or any other time of year, Dr. John Kagan is here to help.  Call 239-936-6778 or go to

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