Thursday, 17 of January of 2019

Update on the DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit




An Articular Surface Replacement, removed from a patient.
Photo Credit: The New York Times

Metal on metal implants for hip replacement surgery have been the subject of intense scrutiny and media attention for some time now. Bloomberg Business News and the New York Times recently reported that Johnson & Johnson has “tentatively agreed” to an estimated $4 billion settlement to settle some 7,500 lawsuits against its DePuy Articular Surface Replacement (ASR) hip implant device.

Metal-on-metal implants were initially thought to be a breakthrough product that would last longer, offer greater stability and improve bone conservation, but unfortunately that is not turned out to be the case. In January of this year, the FDA issued a safety bulletin, citing growing clinical evidence that shows a failure rate two to three times that of non-metal-on-metal devices.

In addition, the impact of metal rubbing on metal can cause tiny metal particles to flake off, causing damage to muscle and bone, as well as a high level of metal ions in the blood. Many patients have been forced to undergo hip revision surgery to remove the flawed implant and replace it with a different design.

Thousands of patients have filed lawsuits against DePuy and other manufacturers of metal implants, claiming the devices were defective and have harmed their health. When formal announcement in the DePuy ASR case is released some time this week, it is expected to be one of the largest product liability claims to be paid involving a medical device. The New York Times reports that only patients who have undergone revision surgery to replace the defective ASR implant will be included in the current settlement.

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